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"Real Closet"
Now, we are presenting things that are thought to be cool, clothing that people want to wear.
Stylish fashion for adults looking for clothes that are simple, comfortable, and easy to wear.We create fashion dedicated to the idea of being "made in Japan".

"Real Clothes" -- a focus of the designer
It is important that the angles on flat surfaces (the front, back, and side surfaces) appear stylish and attractive.
A person's face is not actually symmetrical. It is through the asymmetry that we have a balanced look and individuality.Based on this idea, garconshinois clothes are also dedicated to the concept of asymmetry.
The clothes are worn in their true form, complementing the body, bringing vitality to the wearer, and adapting to the body.
This is truly what "real clothes" are.

"Made in Japan" -- another focus of the designer.
The designer has traveled to the production areas of Japan, meeting and communicating with crafts people to create each individual point of style that is truly made in Japan. The creation of a piece of clothing begins with the basic materials, and the work of various people goes into the finished product. By indicating where the elements of the clothing were produced and providing information about the production areas on his Website, the designer tells the deep story behind the clothing.

"The silhouette" -- yet another focus of the designer.
In particular, the silhouette of slacks is extremely important, and the designer makes countless modifications to the patterns before realizing a finished product. The lines of slacks must be exceedingly simple. Much effort is put into the creation of the perfect silhouette from the waist to the hips, achieving an exquisite look that is neither too tight nor too loose. The reverse-yoke design seen in nearly all slacks is exceptionally effective in beautifying the legs. 

"The Playful Spirit" -- and still another focus of the designer.
The look is simple, but much ingenuity has gone into each strategic point, including change buttons, epaulets, and zip-up. And these are not mere gimmicks, they also provide functionality, such as promoting ease of movement.

garconshinois presents an easy-going style that realizes both the youthful spirit of men (playfulness, spirit of adventure, boyishness) and the sexy expression of the mature male.